How To Eat Your Vegetables

I’m quite simple when it comes to food, any more than a small number of ingredients, and my eyes glaze over. Especially when it comes to seasoning the dish. Believe me, this isn’t a brag..

If something gets past three extra seasoning things, I just lose interest. It’s my stoner attention span.

For those attempting to transition from a SAD (standard American diet) the preparing, and eating veggies can seem daunting enough never to begin. But I want you to start. I want you to find a couple kinds of vegetables you can stand, and I want to help you find a way to eat them.

In my earlier, very naive years, I ate a concoction made of tofu (I’d freeze it,squeeze it, then crumble it), garlic, salsa and black beans and (sometimes) cheese. Now, my nostrils involuntary flare whenever I think of tofu, a disgusting, genetically modified food packaged in lies. But back then?

I made this dish in a large batch, then ate a bit of it almost it almost everyday. I was skinnier for sure, also angry and sad, but I didn’t connect that to my food, did I?

I’d like to suggest the really, really simple place to start. I often eat the same thing, over and over again. A mono type diet.  It’s useful when you want to reprogram your eating habits. Some examples of what I’ve  used:

Puréed veggies( spinach/kale in bone broth – I butter and sea salt the bejesus out of my broth so it stands quite well alone). Puréed veggies in eggs (with butter and bacon and cheese!) I found a few things I liked, then expanded on ways to use them. Usually with cheese and butter.

So, today I am showing you an easy way to mix it up.

I start with cauliflower ‘ rice’.

Take one head (or half) cauliflower, and put in your food processor  or blender. A few turns later, it’s , broken down into a rice-like  texture.

I have used spinach and kale, sautéed some onion and garlic, and mixed it all together, stir fry style.  My fave add on is a bit of goat cheese, and bacon crumbles. Add a bit of turmeric, or curry, and it becomes an exotic dish. Press it with spinach and dill into thin cakes and sauté until crisp at the edges. Try to make least one this week. 

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